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Smile Club Subscription

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At Beat we are passionate about providing a service that is empowering and educational, we created a The Smile Club so you can get your Beat Subscription delivered straight to your door every month, nice and easy. 

The framework is simple: you decide what tea and tonics you'd like, and we specially curate this and deliver. 
You can order as much as you like from 1 bag to 100+ 
Alongside bringing a quality tea experience straight to your door The Smile Club exists to enable those with chronic health conditions support their wellbeing through the healing power of ancient herbs. If you require guidance about a particular condition and finding the best match with our range please email your questions to and our naturopath will be in contact.

our tea + tonics are currently aiding:
- Poor sleep
- Anxiety 
- Arthritis
- Digestive issues
- Liver / Detox support 
- Hormonal balance + Menstrual issues 
- Immune Support