RESILIENCE (stress) 30ml

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A wellness remedy to support a healthy stress response.
A blend of adaptogenic and nervine herbs to nourish and calm your body and mind. Use in times of increased stress, it is crafted to support the body from excessive stress imposed by modern living styles. 


How to use:
take 3 drops 3 times daily on tongue or add 10 drops into a glass of warm water and sip.


Botanicals: astragalus, chamomile, gentian, hops, lavender, lime flower, rhodiola, withania, vervain, california poppy, oats, passion flower, rosemary, skullcap, valerian, zizyphus. 

Adaptogens: are substances that increase the resistance of the body to physical, environmental and emotional stressors and support resilience.

Nervine Herbs: Improve the function of the nervous system, can relax and energise.

this remedy is not suitable to those with known allergies to the Leguminosae family (astragalus) 







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